A clean start – a fresh look at the Old Laundry

Posted on 27 April 2023

The Old Laundry has opened its doors for the first time, giving a preview of the major work to renovate and improve our community centre in Stockwell. The project is creating a fresh, brighter community space that’s safe and fit for purpose.

The first guests to see the space were the Stockwell Gardens West Residents Association. They held their first meeting at the Old Laundry (24 April) since having to temporarily move to another building while the work was taking place. Residents were welcomed by Hyde colleagues and were joined by Councillors Tina Valcarcel and Mahamed Hashi.

Councillor Valcarcel said that she was thrilled with the community centre:

“I’m speechless – really speechless. This is amazing. Before the works were carried out, you wouldn’t realise it was such a big space. Other areas will be copying what you’ve done here!

When the works have been completed our charity partner Young People Matter (YPM), who use the centre as a base, will return on an extended lease and with further support to help extend their reach within the community.

Andy Hulme, our Chief Executive Officer, who attended the meeting said:

“The Old Laundry is central to the local community at Stockwell and it’s brilliant to welcome back so many familiar faces. They told me they were impressed with the new look and feel and I’m so pleased we’ve been able to deliver against our commitments.

“I can’t wait for the project to finish, knowing we’ve ensured that it’s safe and future proof for years to come. I’m really excited about throwing the doors open properly to welcome the community back.”

The work to the Old Laundry has included asbestos removal, as well as other improvements such as refurbishing the main community space, the YPM offices and landscaping the outside.

Work is expected to finish at the end of May 2023.