Being sustainable in everything we do

Posted on 10 November 2023

Read our latest Sustainability Report

Our Sustainability Report 2022/23 (PDF, 2MB) highlights how we’re delivering high quality services and support to our customers and communities over the long-term, making sure homes are energy-efficient, so they’re comfortable and affordable to live in; and minimising the environmental impact of building and maintaining our homes.

“We focus on four broad areas of sustainability: sustainable customer services, sustainable homes and places, sustainable communities and a sustainable business. This means providing homes, services and communities for our customers and ensuring that we’re here for the long-term, with good governance and financial management,” explained our Chief Executive Officer Andy Hulme.

“For example, last year, we increased the energy-efficiency of nearly 700 homes in 2022/23 and, we were part of a successful bid by the Greener Futures Partnership to secure government funding to improve 1,000 more homes before September 2025.

“These ‘bricks and mortar’ improvements are linked with customer wellbeing. Making homes more affordable to run, with lower energy bills, has far-reaching benefits – they make tenancies more sustainable and customers healthier, reducing the burden on health and social services, and increasing employment and educational attainment.”

We’re also being more visible in our neighbourhoods, communicating better with customers and being clear about who’s responsible for services and for resolving issues in their communities. We awarded more than £3m in grants to help our community partners and our suppliers contributed £1.83m in social value through a range of community projects last year.

Andy added: “We’re delighted in the progress we’ve made against many of our key sustainability measures this year. We recognise the journey ahead of us, and we’ll continue to work with our customers to push ourselves to do more in the future.”

For more information, visit our Sustainability pages and download our Sustainability Report 2022/23 (PDF, 2MB).