Why do you involve residents in recruiting staff?  

Involving residents in staff recruitment helps to:

  • Choose staff who are committed to good customer service and involvement
  • Develop partnership working between staff and customers
  • Show new staff that customers are our priority
  • Show that we have an open and honest recruitment process
  • Provide useful and interesting experience for our customers.

How can residents be involved?

Resident volunteers can join our staff interview panels. All customers who take part in staff interviews need to carry out training, so they understand our recruitment process and interview techniques. They are then equal members of the interview panel which means they can:

  • Help to choose which questions are going to be asked
  • Sit in the interview and ask the questions with a member of staff
  • ‘Score’ the answers given during the interview
  • Decide who should be offered the job

Contact us if you’d like to be involved in choosing new staff.