Service improvement plans

We’ve listened, and here’s what we’re doing

We’re always trying to improve our services by listening to you, and discussing what’s important through various customer involvement activities.

Listening to customers is the first step, but acting on that feedback must come next. Since the start of 2022, we’ve been working on some big projects designed, with your help, to improve your services.

We’re committed to continuing this process of listening, and taking action, as part of our drive to be a truly customer driven organisation. All of the below started with customer consultation.


  • Responding to repair requests
    What's improving? Current progress
    We’ll create a new, Hyde-run repairs service for 11,200 London homes. We’ll deliver the repairs ourselves, so we can improve performance, quality, and customer satisfaction.  London Property Maintenance was launched in October 2022
    We’ll introduce new ways to order and track repairs online through our MyAccount platform. Thousands of customers can already use this function, and we’re working on rolling this out for everyone early in 2023.

    We’ll trial offering extended hours for our repairs service, including late weekday appointments.  

    Trialled in August 2022. We’re reviewing the outcomes now.  

    We’ll trial redecorating 100 empty (void) properties to a higher standard, to improve the living conditions for the new customers who move in. 

    Started in May 2022. We’re reviewing the outcomes now.  

    We’ll introduce Building Safety Managers for high buildings, to manage risk and improve safety. 

    Started in April 2022. This process will go into 2023.

    We’ll relaunch our specific damp and mould services. This will make sure that we provide a better service, especially if customers are struggling to pay energy bills. 

    Started in July 2022. 

  • Handling complaints
    What's improving? Current progress

    A task force will reduce the average time taken to manage complaints. This will mean we can clear our backlog and respond more quickly to new complaints. New complainants should receive a call within 24 hours. 

    Launched in July 2022. Our backlog was cleared and we made this team permanent.

    We’ll create a new Quality and Improvement position, so one person will be in charge of helping to improve how we manage and learn from complaints. 

    Person appointed in July 2022. 

    We’ll review the whole complaints process and use the lessons from the task force to improve how we work. 

    Review completed in August 2022. Feedback from the taskforce is ongoing.

    We’ll improve the information about complaints on our website. This including the online forms and frequently asked questions. We’ll make it easier for you to find information quickly.

    Completed in September 2022. 

  • Managing service charges
    What's improving? Current progress

    We’ll look at how we manage provisions funds. As a result, we’ll calculate, cost, and plan for works more accurately.

    Action plan as a result of review to be ready by January 2023.  

    We’re improving the quality of information on our website before each statement, and reviewing the support documents we send in response to queries.

    Completed in August 2022. Web review in the run up to all statements.

    We’ll communicate clearly, openly, and more proactively when we’re dealing with your service charge queries. 

    Communication plan agreed in August 2022. Updates go out every two weeks at a minimum.

    We’ll hold dedicated discussion sessions for you to talk with us about service charges. You’ll be able to provide feedback about your experiences and learn about how we manage service charges. 

    Ongoing from June 2022. 

  • Managing customer services and dealing with your calls
    What's improving? Current progress

    We’ll offer a call back service when you call Customer Services – to avoid you having to wait in a queue or being put on hold. 

    Implemented in May 2022. 

    We’ll introduce ‘Agent View’ for our Customer Service Officers. This allows us to see customers’ information before we’ve even answered the call, making it much faster to get to the issue at hand.

    Implemented in August 2022.

    We’ll provide more online services, so you’ll have more self-serve tools, like being able to book and track repairs easily online through MyAccount.


  • Helping customers through rising cost of living
    What's improving? Current progress

    We’ll employ more people to offer specialist debt and welfare advice. Our new Early Intervention service will identify and help people before they reach crisis point. 

    Started in June 2022.  

    We’ll work with National Energy Action, to access fuel grants and advice services for our residents that need more help. 

    Started in June 2022. 

    We’ll provide digital training to customers who want to improve their skills on a computer. Including hardware and software.

    Started in June 2022. 

    We’ve put all our financial advice and support in one place on our website, and we’re monitoring sources of help, like Government schemes or Citizens Advice, to keep on top of all cost-of-living support.

    Ongoing. Helping Hand web page launched in May 2022.

  • Local landlord services
    What's improving? Current progress

    We’ll work with residents to choose new cleaning and grounds maintenance services. The new services will be more customer focussed, responsive, and will offer more choice and better value. 

    Started in May 2022.

    We’ll review our frontline local services, to make them more visible, more accountable, and to improve communication. 

    Started gathering customer input in May 2022. Now reviewing to create final plans.

    We’ll set out ‘neighbourhood plans’ in five different areas. These are plans to improve all aspects of a neighbourhood, including how we engage with customers, and how to improve local services specific to that area.

    Started in September 2022. 

  • Customer involvement
    What's improving? Current progress

    We’ll offer more online sessions about the services that are important to you. We’ll listen to your ideas and feedback, and talk to you about the changes we’re making. 

    Quarterly Consumer Panels started in June 2022.

    We’ll offer new digital online tools – to make it easier for you to take part in online engagement activities. 

    Starting in December 2022.

    We’re offering face to face neighbourhood events across all of 2023, where customers can come and talk through their concerns, help us improve, or tell us what we’re doing well.  Started in April 2022.

If you want to get involved in any of the customer consultations on offer, contact the Customer Involvement team. There are lots of formal groups you can join. Don’t forget too that Section 20 letters are a formal engagement process, and a chance to have your say.