Saving energy in your home

Posted on 31 August 2022

On 1 October, the energy price cap is expected to double, which means most people’s bills will go up for the second time this year.

The energy regulator Ofgem sets the price cap, which is the maximum amount energy companies can charge their customers. But, due to global energy prices rising, and several other factors, the cap is set to increase significantly again.

We’ve put together an advice booklet: Saving energy in your home (PDF, 600KB).

This booklet will help you manage your energy use, which could lower your bills. There are some simple steps you can take, and we’ve included where you can go to find out if you’re eligible for grants or funding.

Make sure to also check out our advice and support web pages, and remember to talk to us if you’re struggling with your finances. We’re here to help.

If you’d like to request a free copy of the energy booklet, sent directly to your home, email [email protected]. Remember to include your full name and address.

This story is part of our Helping Hand initiative.