Jackson is our new lift maintenance contractor

Posted on 28 February 2022

Jackson Lift Group’s three year contract began on 1 March 2022 and will see it service and maintain lifts in about 400 of our buildings. If all goes well, there’s an option to extend the contract for three more years.

The family-run business has more than 40 years’ experience in lift maintenance and has an excellent reputation in social housing, having worked with some of the country’s largest housing associations.

“We know how critically important lifts are to everyone who has one in their building, particularly older residents, those with mobility issues and families with young children, and we were impressed by Jackson’s commitment to improving safety and reliability and to delivering better services for our customers,” explained Hyde’s Lift Contract Manager, Mana Sekhon.

“We’re particularly keen to resolve problems in some of our lifts with ongoing reliability issues. We’ll be taking a more proactive approach with these, carrying out full technical inspections and drawing up clear plans of action to fix problems as quickly as we can.”

Value for money was another important consideration in awarding the contract and we’ll be working with Jackson to identify any cost savings. This will include identifying potential problems before they occur, so we can take action and avoid costly and inconvenient breakdowns.

“While, unfortunately, we can’t stop lift breakdowns entirely, we believe Jackson’s extensive experience will help us resolve problems swiftly and improve the overall reliability of our lifts in the coming months and years,” Mana said.

Jackson has also committed to deliver social value activities over the course of the contract. These may include offering jobs and training for customers and local people in our communities.

One of Jackson’s first jobs will be to put up new signage and reprogramme lifts’ emergency systems so calls are directed to its engineers, rather than the current contractor Temple Lifts. Jackson will carry out a service check at the same time to see what work, if any, needs doing.

“I’d like to thank Temple Lifts for supporting us over the past eight years and for its commitment to help ensure there’s a smooth handover to Jackson,” Mana said.

Customers should report any issues using our online form as usual during the handover from Temple Lifts to Jackson Lift Group. If there’s an emergency before a lift has been reprogrammed, engineers from Temple Lifts will attend to fix the problem.