Hyde Charitable Trust has partnered with National Energy Action (NEA) to help Hyde customers. Please complete the referral form if you have energy debt, or are struggling to pay your bills or top up your pre-payment meter. Please note that this is for Hyde customers only.

Once you’ve completed the referral form, we’ll assess your request and pass your details on to NEA. NEA will then reach out directly to you to talk about your situation, provide advice, and complete an income assessment. If eligible, NEA will directly pay your energy supplier, even if you’re using a pre-payment meter.

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  • You give your permission for Hyde Group to pass your information on to NEA who will contact you.
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  • You are aware your personal details will be kept by Hyde Group and NEA for the purposes of completing this referral.
  • Any information you supply will be stored and processed according to Hyde Group’s and NEA’s privacy notices.

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