Being in debt can be very stressful, and feeling like we’re not in control can be overwhelming, and extremely damaging to our mental health. Here as some quick tips:

  • Do a budget to work out how much you’re able to pay

  • Make a list of who you owe money to

  • Contact the most important creditors to set a payment plan. Rent is the most important thing to pay and we’re happy to work out a payment plan that you can afford. It’s our priority to keep you in your home

Priority and non-priority debts

Priority debts have very high consequences if you stop paying. For example, your rent is a priority debt because if you don’t pay it, and you don’t have an arrangement with your landlord, you’ll be at risk of losing your home.

Did you know you can set the order in which your direct debits leave your bank account? This means your priority payments, like rent, are paid before anything else.

Find out more about ‘first right of appropriation' with National Debtline. Remember, missing rent payments can put your home at risk.

Non-priority debts include store cards, loans and credit cards. If you can’t afford to pay them, you should contact your lender to see if you can come to an arrangement