This is the upkeep and maintenance of the areas surrounding your building, including private roads, footpaths, parking areas, or communal gardens, and this includes the cost of gardening equipment.

There are also responsive works within ground maintenance, which is unplanned works, outside of the regular schedule. This could include tree cutting, re-turfing or any additional planting.

Why am I being charged for cleaning and grounds maintenance?

Where Hyde is the landlord, we have a responsibility to clean and maintain our blocks and estates. The cost of this work then recharged via the service charge.

As your landlord, it’s our responsibility to maintain the areas where our customers live, including the outside gardens.

The quality of the cleaning and grounds maintenance is poor, what should I do?

If you have any concerns about any service being delivered to your property you should contact us  and we will be happy to discuss the matter with you.

​Have another query about your service charges? Find out more information on our FAQs about service charges.