Full list of service charges (A-Z)

Depending on your lease you may be required to pay for a number of Service charge items. Here we've listed each Service charge you may be required to pay for and a brief description of what is covered.

Not all services will apply to you. Each customer’s statement is different based on the property, block or estate, and the services that we provide.

For further information about your services charges check out our FAQs page.

Service charge term

What is covered


This includes asbestos surveys or inspections and any necessary works.

Under The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, we have a duty to manage asbestos within our buildings. This means that we will inspect the asbestos in the communal areas regularly, and leave the asbestos in place if it is in good condition or encapsulate/remove the asbestos if it is likely to cause harm. 

Audit fees

This is the cost of carrying out an external audit of your statement.

Bulk waste removal and bin hire

This covers the removal of bulk items of waste from bin stores or communal areas of your block or estate, including fly tipping. This can also include the actual cleaning of the bins (as opposed to emptying them) if a deep clean is required or bin hire. Bin hire is where we need to lease the actual bins, usually from the council, so that they fit their collection trucks.

Building Insurance

The cost to insure your building. Find out more: building insurance

Care Call

This is the fee we pay for the servicing and maintenance of the telecare equipment (pull cords) and fire alarm systems, as well as the fees to the telecare monitoring centre who staff the phones 24 hours a day, 7 days per week for alarm activations.

Caretaking & other staff costs

Employment costs for caretaking staff and scheme officers. This includes salary and vehicle costs and the cost of employing any required temporary staff. If you do not have a caretaker, these could be costs for a Scheme Officer, Concierge or Estate Guardians. You will only be charged for a service that is delivered to your block or estate.

CCTV maintenance and repair

Servicing, monitoring and repairs of the communal CCTV monitoring systems.

Cleaning: Contracted Service

This is the cost of providing the contracted cleaning service for cleaning to you block. The schedule of routine tasks undertaken are detailed in the specification for your block or estate

Communal Electric

Communal electricity charges such as internal and external lighting in your block/estate/group.

Communal Gas Bills

This includes the cost of gas for communal boilers and heating systems.

Communal Gas Repairs (leaseholders only)

This charge relates to the repair and maintenance of the communal boiler systems.

Communal Signs

Cost for communal signs such as ‘No smoking’ or ‘No ball games’ to your block or estate.

Communal Telephone

The cost of providing and servicing communal phones.  This will include telephones inside lifts for emergencies.

Communal Water

Charges for the supply of water to your block or estate as well as the removal of any waste water.


The provision of staff at your block to carry out activities such as monitoring CCTV, alarms and access to your building.

Controlled Door Entry

The costs for repairing and maintaining the door entry system or any other secured or gated entrances to your development

Electrical Maintenance including bulbs & inspections

This will cover the cost of providing statutory electrical inspections.

Fire safety: Contract Servicing

The statutory servicing and inspection of communal fire alarm systems, emergency lighting, smoke detectors and fire equipment undertaken by our contractors.

Fire Safety: Responsive Repairs

The cost for any works that have been identified during regular inspections. This may include battery or bulb replacements, engineer call-outs and repairs to, and upgrades of, fire safety equipment.

Fire Safety: Risk Assessments

Some of our buildings require Fire Risk Assessments (which have to be renewed regularly). These are carried out by a qualified assessor, to ensure homes are safe and meet all safety standards.

Furniture, Furnishings, White Goods & Decoration

These costs are for the rental of communal laundry appliances including washers, dryers and dishwashers; as well as a budget for any replacement communal furnishings such as sofas, tables, chairs and communal blinds or curtains. The budget also includes provision for an annual clean of communal kitchen ventilation systems.

Grounds Maintenance: Contracted Works

The cost of a grounds maintenance contract including the upkeep of private roads, footpaths, parking areas, and the cost of gardening equipment.

Grounds Maintenance: Responsive Works

This covers any additional work that needs to be carried out but that isn’t covered by the standard Grounds Maintenance contracts, for example, tree surgery or planting.

Lift maintenance and repairs

All lift contract costs, including servicing, maintenance and insurance costs.

Managing Company Costs

Costs for services and repairs provided to the block or estate by a third party management company.


Mansafe is the generic term for a system that prevents falls from areas such as roofs. Individuals are tethered by a lanyard to a cabling and anchor system, allowing freedom to work, but without risk of falling. In line with EN795 and manufacturers guidance, these systems should be inspected and tested at least every 12 months.

Pest Control

The costs of surveys and treatment for the removal of pests from communal areas.

Play Area inspection & Maintenance

The statutory inspection of communal play areas and equipment on your estate


These are regular amounts collected as part of the service charge, put into a provisions or 'sinking' fund. This covers the future cost of larger items that need to be replaced from time to time, such as door entry systems and lifts. In addition, homeowners’ provisions may be collected to cover external redecorations and repairs to the structure of the building.

Responsive cleaning

Where cleaning services are required on an ad-hoc basis within communal areas outside of the contracted service provision. Examples include one-off deep cleans (not included in the contract), clearing up of spillages and Health & Safety cleans.

Responsive Maintenance

The cost of the repair and maintenance of your block and estate as well as any communal or shared areas. For tenants the cost of communal repairs is covered by your rent.

TV Aerial costs

This is for the maintenance of communal aerials and other satellite services.

Water Hygiene (including legionella protection)

The cost of providing assessments and associated works in relation to legionella and water hygiene.We must ensure that there is no risk of legionella related illness to our customers within their homes. Legionella is a bacteria that lives in water.The approved code of practice L8, HSG274, advises that we carry out a risk assessment of our hot and cold water systems, so where there is communal stored water within a building, we will carry out a risk assessment every two years, along with annual and six monthly maintenance. More complex systems may also include weekly flushing of infrequently used outlets such as taps, monthly monitoring and quarterly shower cleaning & descaling.

Water Pump / Sewerage Servicing

This covers regular maintenance inspections and safety tests carried out by our contractor. In relation to cesspits this will also include regular emptying. 

Window Cleaning Contract

For the cleaning of communal windows on a routine basis, in line with the agreed contract specification.  This does not include individual residents' property windows