Safety and security when you're away from home

Going away on holiday should be a relaxing experience, free from the everyday stresses of home and work, a chance to unwind. To help you to do this we have put together a few top tips to protect your home while you are away.

  • Lock all doors and windows. Use a key on UPVC windows if you have them.
  • Make sure any side and/or back gate is locked. Lock your shed or garage.
  • Don’t leave your car keys or ID documents near doors, windows or your letterbox.
  • Make sure your boiler is turned down low on summer settings.
  • Switch off and unplug all electrical appliances that are not required, apart from your fridge/freezer.
  • Double check all taps around the home are turned off, if possible, you can also turn off the water supply at the stop cock (often located under kitchen sink or by front door) to prevent any escape of water incidents whilst you are away. Don’t forget to turn the stop cock back on when you return.
  • If you know and trust your neighbours, let them know you'll be away. Ask if they'd mind keeping an eye on the property, picking up your mail and putting away your bins
  • Cancel milk/newspapers so they aren't sitting on the doorstep which is a sure sign of an empty house.
  • If you can, set indoor lights to a timer in the evening so it seems like someone is home.
  • Leave curtains and blinds open. If you draw them it looks like no-one is around during the day. Keep them open as you usually would, just make sure all expensive items are out of sight
  • Try not to broadcast the fact you are going away on social media networks. Remember anyone can see that information.
  • Be careful who you tell in general, if you take a taxi to the airport don't mention how long you are away for or share details of where your keys are etc.
  • Make sure your home and its contents are insured.

For more crime prevention tips and advice on how to make your home secure visit the Police website, or speak to your Community Support Officer. In an emergency, always dial 999.

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