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Who are Customer Voice?

Customer Voice is a group of Hyde customer volunteers.

What do they do?

Customer Voice work in partnership with Hyde’s senior managers. They look closely at Hyde’s performance and find ways for services to be improved for everyone. They listen to and can commission feedback from the wider resident community. If they see an issue, they ask questions and challenge Hyde for all residents. Some members of Customer Voice are also Hyde Board members.

Why not ‘observe’ a meeting?

If you’re a Hyde resident and would like to learn more about Customer Voice, you can join a meeting to see for yourself what the group do.

Due to the current restrictions around face-to-face contact, meetings are online at the moment. For more information please email:

A quick summary from their last meeting

Customer Voice held their formal meeting on the evening on 20 July.

The Interim Chief Executive Officer attended to introduce himself and to update the group on Hyde’s priorities for the next year, which include:

  • Becoming a more customer-driven organisation.
  • Working towards an energy efficient and zero carbon agenda.
  • Build more homes in the right places.

Item 1 – Complaints

Customer Voice received an update on the complaints service. The group discussed how Hyde intends to resolve the current backlog which will be through more staff resources and a new task force for resolving contractor-based issues. Members asked to be kept informed of progress.

Item 2 – Digital transformation

Customer Voice discussed Hyde’s digital projects and agreed that further conversation is needed to ensure that digitally excluded residents are provided for. The group discussed which channels are most appropriate for each type of resident contact, i.e. some residents still want to report an emergency by telephone as it is more direct. The group asked for focussed meetings with the digital transformation project team to discuss this work further.

Item 3 – Service charges

Customer Voice fed back on a separate session they had held about service charges. Members felt that there was a willingness from all sides to improve the service, however this remains a priority. The group has received an improvement plan from Hyde and will continue to meet with relevant directors and heads of service to ensure action is taken.

Customer Voice members also congratulated their Vice Chair on her recent shortlisting for the Women in Housing Awards and wished her the best of luck in the finals!

Minutes from previous meetings