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Who are Customer Voice?

Customer Voice is a group of Hyde customer volunteers.

What do they do?

Customer Voice work in partnership with Hyde’s senior managers. They look closely at Hyde’s performance and find ways for services to be improved for everyone. They listen to and can commission feedback from the wider resident community. If they see an issue, they ask questions and challenge Hyde for all residents. Some members of Customer Voice are also Hyde Board members.

Why not ‘observe’ a meeting?

If you’re a Hyde resident and would like to learn more about Customer Voice, you can join a meeting to see for yourself what the group do.

Due to the current restrictions around face-to-face contact, meetings are online at the moment. For more information please email:

News from their last meetings

Customer Voice last met on 18 May 2021. Agenda items included updates about Hyde’s Governance structures, Fire safety, Complaints and a discussion about Customer Voice’s focus for the coming year. Here are the key discussion points from the meeting:

Governance update – Customer Voice welcomed the appointment of a new Group Board and Group Housing Board members. There was a discussion about the expected changes brought in by the Housing White Paper, which is due to be debated in Parliament in the autumn. The group shared ideas for how this could help Hyde develop a customer driven culture.

Fire safety – There was an update and discussion about ongoing and proposed fire safety works, and the impact on residents. Customer Voice were re-assured to hear that Hyde would pursue contractors and developers and apply for Government funding to cover the costs before charging residents. There was also an update about the current safety measures put in place until works could begin. These include alarms and waking watch.

Complaints – Customer Voice discussed the changes being brought in by the new Housing Ombudsman code, and how this will improve Hyde’s response to complaints. There was also an update about Hyde’s Complaints Board, which is reviewing progress and making recommendations for improvement following resolved issues.

Customer Voice – The group agreed their priorities for this year which are Fire Safety, Complaints, Service Charges and Responsive Repairs. Customer Voice will be reviewing and monitoring these services throughout the year.  

Minutes from previous meetings