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Who are Customer Voice?

Customer Voice is a group of Hyde customer volunteers.

What do they do?

Customer Voice work in partnership with Hyde’s senior managers. They look closely at Hyde’s performance and find ways for services to be improved for everyone. They listen to and can commission feedback from the wider resident community. If they see an issue, they ask questions and challenge Hyde for all residents. Some members of Customer Voice are also Hyde Board members.

Why not ‘observe’ a meeting?

If you’re a Hyde resident and would like to learn more about Customer Voice, you can join a meeting to see for yourself what the group do.

Due to the current restrictions around face-to-face contact, meetings are online at the moment. For more information please email Customer Involvement.

News from their last meetings

Customer Voice last held their formal meeting on 29 March 2022. Agenda items included updates about changes to London repairs services, building safety, service charges and customer involvement. Here are the key discussion points from the meeting:

  • Changes to London repairs services – the Director of Property Services updated Customer Voice on the expansion of Hyde-managed repairs services to 6 London boroughs. Customer Voice welcomed the change and discussed the opportunities for future partnership working to improve services.
  • Service Charges update – the Revenue Control Director and Head of Property Charges provided an update on service charges. This included changes that have been made to improve communication and transparency with customers. Customer Voice expressed their continued concern over the length of time it was taking for residents to receive a reply to queries and the quality of data held by Hyde.
  • Building safety – the Safer Homes Director shared an overview of the year and discussed what lays ahead over the next 12 months
  • Customer involvement – Customer Voice were given an update on the customer involvement strategy. Over 3700 residents had been involved in customer involvement activities and providing feedback to help improve services in the last year, an increase on previous year.

Minutes from previous meetings