Stopping a leak from the roof can be difficult to do as an emergency as it involves working at height and often requires special equipment. Please check if you can contain the leak by catching the water in a bucket or a bowl. Please also check if the water going near any electrics. We'd like to know a bit more information here so please call us on 0800 3 282 282, so we can decide the best way to help.

Help us fix it faster

Let us know the following information when you call:
  • What type of building do you live in?
  • If you live in a flat, what floor are you on?
  • Can you see a problem with the roof?
  • Is there a tile missing?
  • Is there a chimney near to where the leak is?
  • Is the leak going near any electrics?

Extra help when it's needed

This toolkit is just a guide. If you or your household require extra support (for example due to disability, illness or age) and need to report this issue as an emergency, then please contact us to explain your circumstances and we’ll be happy to help.