Building a sustainable future for our customers

Being sustainable encompasses everything we do; from providing energy efficient, affordable homes, to delivering high quality services and support to our customers and communities over the long-term. It’s also about ensuring we’re well-governed and doing all we can to meet the challenges facing us, the wider sector, and the environment.

We must plan for climate resilience in our buildings and open spaces, to reduce the risks of flooding and overheating, as well ensuring we’re making the most of our green spaces, both to improve biodiversity and increase customer wellbeing.

We’re also looking at ways to improve our track record on both measuring and reducing our carbon emissions.

Our long-term approach to sustainability is a basis for collaboration with others, giving us a common language so that, together, we can drive innovation and make the fundamental changes needed to provide truly sustainable homes and communities. It also plays an important role in ensuring the values and ambitions of our partners and funders align with our own.

Our sustainability priorities

Sustainable customer services

We need to be doing all we can to support our customers in these challenging times, and that’s why we’re investing significantly in improving our services and homes, to increase the support we provide.

Sustainable homes and places

A fabric first approach to building homes and retrofitting existing ones can reduce environmental harm significantly, while helping to end fuel poverty. Homes need to be energy-efficient to make them cheaper to live in, and reduce their environmental impact. We also need to be maximising the potential of all our green spaces, to promote wellbeing and biodiversity.

Sustainable communities

One of our key goals is to create vibrant and sustainable communities. Customers tell us we should be more visible, communicate better and be clear about who’s responsible for services and for resolving issues.

A sustainable business

Ensuring our business is sustainable is crucial to meet our social purpose. A sustainable business is dependent on good governance and a motivated and aligned staff and supply chain. We also think an important part of being sustainable is collaborating with others both in and outside the sector to improve long-term outcomes for all housing associations and their customers.

Download our Sustainability report 2022/23 (PDF, 2MB) to read more about our progress this year.

You can also download our Sustainability Report Standard (SRS) for social housing submission (PDF, 100KB).