Prospect House boiler installation

We’re carrying out work to install a new commercial heating system by replacing three existing boilers. The system is located in the basement at Prospect House, and also supplies Eyot House and Hicks House, Bermondsey.

Images of the boiler project (PDF 808KB).

We’ll be posting the latest news about the project here, so please bookmark this page to stay up to date. 

Latest update 10 May 2023

Following the installation of the boilers, we expect the area to be repainted within the next week. This includes the walkway and the edge of the plinth.

Our contractor GetFix Ltd. will be carrying out control checks and any relevant software updates.

The boilers continue to operate well and without issue.

See images of the boiler project (PDF 808KB).

If you have any queries relating to the project, please email [email protected].


There are three gas boilers in Prospect House that also supply Prospect, Eyot and Hicks via underground pipework (district heating). The boilers became faulty and so the plant was shut down. Our disaster recovery plan was activated, and a temporary boiler was installed, making sure customers had heating and hot water.

Communication and engagement

Our project team aims to provide weekly updates via this page.

We’re also engaging with the Bermondsey Spa Residents Association (BSRA). The BSRA will also host meetings where Stuart MacLean, our Gas Operations Manager will be present, giving residents the opportunity to ask questions about the project.

Project contractor

Our contractor Stonegrove Ltd. will be installing the new commercial heating system at Prospect House.

Stonegrove Ltd. has more than 40 years in experience in this sector. With their mechanical services and skilled team, they’ve created a design that is specific to the work being carried at Prospect House. We’re confident the design will last for years to come.

Customers haven’t been charged for the cost of the temporary boiler and won’t be charged for the install of the new boiler.

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