Ringing the changes

Posted on 11 November 2022

Our new policy on video camera doorbells

Video doorbells are becoming very popular, with the technology now being cheaper and more readily available. They are often included in a home insurance policy as standard.

To make our position clear on the installation and use of video camera doorbells, we’ve developed and published a new Video doorbell guidance document (PDF, 275KB).

David Hunter, Hyde’s Director of Resident Services said: “CCTV adds an extra layer of security to a home, and video doorbells are no different. We want our customers to feel safe inside their home, and we won’t get in the way should you wish to install one. All we ask is that they are used responsibly in line with the law, and with respect to neighbours.”

Any dispute over video doorbell cameras counts as a civil matter to be settled without the need for our intervention. It is up to the person who initiates the dispute, to prove any wrongdoing. Video doorbell cameras must be used in accordance with guidance from:

Doorbell cameras are a form of CCTV and should be treated as such.