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Qualifying works and long-term contracts

Qualifying works (major works)

Qualifying works are a large piece of building or engineering work which we plan to carry out to a building or an estate which will result in a cost of more than £250 for any one tenant or leaseholder. Qualifying works include any type of work for the general good of the building or for use by everyone - it can be any type of maintenance, redecoration, replacement or improvement work.

These repair works are generally carried out to prolong the life of the building or to ensure that it is in a state of good repair. Qualifying works normally include such items as the repair or replacement of roofs, windows, lifts and door entry systems

Before any works start:

  • All residents and recognised Resident Associations are consulted and given details of the proposed work (you can give your observations on our proposals online)
  • Residents also receive details of the likely costs involved at an early stage of the consultation procedure based on the information available at that time.
  • Residents and Resident Associations are given 30 days to consider the proposals made and respond with observations which the Landlord must consider.

Qualifying long-term contracts

Qualifying long-term contracts are contracts that The Hyde Group enters into for longer than 12 months and where any tenant or leaseholder’s contribution will be more than £100 in any one year. The contracts can cover items like grounds maintenance, reactive repairs and servicing of equipment etc.

Before the new contract is entered into all residents are consulted and asked for comments, and tenants, leaseholders and recognised Residents’ Associations are invited to nominate a contractor of their choice to carry out the services or works. Any likely charges are also pointed out. These types of charge are usually included in the annual service charge bill.

Emergency work

We may on occasion be required to undertake works on an urgent basis that would not allow us to conform to the statutory requirement set out in the Commonhold Leasehold and Reform Act 2002 section 20, and on these occasions we would apply to the First Tier Tribunal for dispensation.

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