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Community centres

There are a number of community centres that are accessible to our residents and the local communities.  We manage three of those centres and a further five centres are managed by third party organisations.

In 2016 we began a review of our community centres and since 2017 we have made changes to the way we manage our community centres. 

About our Community Centres

The Hyde Foundation manages a community centre and a sports facility (the Pavilion) in Brent and a community centre in Brighton.

Following a review and consultation process for our community centres in 2016, a decision was taken that Hillside Hub and the Pavilion in Stonebridge would continue to be managed by Hyde Plus (now the Hyde Foundation) for the immediate future. At the same time we would explore options to reduce our costs by identifying alternative management arrangements for the future, with a view to having a permanent arrangement in place for both centres by April 2018. 

Since then we have made significant progress with identifying organisations to take on the management of the centres. Information about the lease opportunities was sent out to more than 300 local organisations. We received 16 completed expressions of interest and six full applications were submitted. Interviews have now taken place for the new lessees for the Hub and Pavilion. An update on the successful applicants will follow shortly.

We are committed to keeping the centres open throughout this process and having a smooth transition to new management. Any new organisation that takes over the management of the centres will be obligated, through their lease agreement, to continue to provide space for current user groups. If you have any queries please email them to our dedicated email address Alternatively you can ring 0800 030 4424.   


Each centre hosts a range of activities from employment programmes, apprenticeships, debt and money advice, keep fit and sports programmes and healthy eating programmes.

The Stonebridge Hub

The Stonebridge Sports Pavilion

  • The Pavilion, Stonebridge, Hillside, London, NW10 8LW
  • Station: Stonebridge Park /Harlesden
  • Phone: 020 8963 8576
  • E-mail:

Phoenix Community Centre

Other Community Centres on our estates

There are five other community centres on our estates that are managed by third party organisations.  We have provided details below:

The Arc Centre (Islington) – managed by The Space Group

Kennington Park Community Centre (Lambeth) – managed by the Kennington Park Estate Tenants’ & Residents’ Association

Stockwell Community Centre (Lambeth) – managed by Morley College London

Ringcross Community Centre (Islington) – managed by The Pilion Trust

  • 60 Lough Road (Junction with Piper Close) London, N7 8RH
  • Station: Caledonian Road
  • Phone: 020 7700 2498
  • Website:

Underground Youth Centre (Islington) – youth activities delivered by Prospex

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