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We paid a total of 1,246 members of staff in 2017/18. The staff salaries for 2017/18 document below details payments to staff in salaries/wages, but excludes employer pension contributions and termination payments. We provide more detail on payments made to members of our Executive Management Team in the notes to our published accounts each year.

Our highest earner, the Group Chief Executive, was paid 14 times more than our lowest earner, a cleaner.

For details of payments to Group Board members, please see the Group Board page.

Group Chief Executive’s salary

Our Group Chief Executive, Elaine Bailey, receives a basic salary of £232,715 per year (£222,760 in 2016/17). This represents a cost of £4.73 for each home that we manage. (£4.62 in 2016/17).

For further information please contact us.

Staff salaries for 2017/18 (PDF, 17KB).