Stonebridge Estate

Today the Stonebridge Estate’s towers are gone, replaced by award-winning low-rise family housing, interspersed with high quality communal landscaped areas, shops, a new community centre and Youth centre – a committed attempt by the Hyde Group and its partners, Edward Cullinan Architects, to design out the previously high levels of crime and deprivation, providing high quality homes with a mix of flats and houses, creating a fully integrated community.


During the nineties, Harlesden experienced urban deprivation with high crime levels and low life expectancies. At its centre was the notorious Stonebridge estate. Today, the estate has become a symbol of successful urban regeneration. Where once stood oppressive tower blocks, there are now smaller scale housing units, and crime in Brent is now significantly reduced. The children of Stonebridge no longer play among the detritus of burned-out cars, but in the Stirling prize-nominated Fawood children’s centre, designed by Will Alsop. 

Regenerating the estate

Hyde’s comprehensive regeneration of this 1970’s former Brent council housing estate has been delivered since 2004 in partnership with our resident led subsidiary, Hillside Housing Trust (HHT).

This project is now entering its final phases, with two major developments close to Harlesden station,

  • Emerald Gardens will see the creation of 109 new homes.
  • Winchelsea Road/Laurence Avenue will deliver 178 new flats and houses.

Once complete, the scheme will provide a total of 1,850 homes: 1,100 social rent, 100 shared ownership and 650 for sale. In addition, a new community hub has been created providing a new heath centre and community centre to benefit the whole community.