The Social Value Leadership Group (SVLG)

The SVLG is a network of social value leads from over 30 housing associations, local authorities and other organisations working within the housing sector.

Our vision

We connect customers and communities with much-needed resources and opportunities, made available through our supply chain. By working together to build stronger communities, we achieve more than we could alone.

We work together to:

  • Maximise social value delivery and benefits for customers and communities.

  • Extend best practice, knowledge, and expertise to drive innovation and continuous improvement in the delivery of social value through procurement.

  • Set standards and elevate the social value expectations of the housing sector.

  • Grow our collective influence to solve challenges, drive positive change and create a better future for the communities and customers we serve.

  • Measure and communicate the collective impact of our efforts, demonstrating the benefits of social value to the housing sector and outside of it.

Contact the SVLG

The SVLG meets quarterly. If you’d like to find out more about the SVLG then please contact Chichi Onyenemelu.