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We provide some of the most affordable homes in London and the south east, and have done for almost 60 years. As a group led by a not-for-profit organisation, we’re here for the good of our customers. We do this by maintaining and investing in the homes we provide, and building genuinely affordable homes too. Making sure people have a safe, affordable, and comfortable home to be proud of is what drives us, and underpins our vision of a great home for everyone.

Our homes and services support a huge range of people from all walks of life. We’re proud of the diversity of the communities we serve; it’s a strength that binds people together. We care, and that’s why we’re committed to playing a leading role in our communities. Through our community spaces and partnerships, we’re offering vital support and places for fun, giving people the chance to come together and stepping in where others no longer are. We’re there for thousands of people who need some support, whether that’s to maintain their independence in retirement, or to find a safe space in the hardest of times, so they can thrive again.

We're also investing for the future, improving our communities and making homes energy efficient and comfortable, to help cut customers' bills. As well as re-investing all our resources into homes and services, we’re determined to build genuinely affordable homes. We have a responsibility to use our knowledge and expertise to help more people to have a home they can be proud of. We’re working with our local authority partners, and like-minded investors, to find new ways to pay for affordable homes, because we can’t stand by and wait for others to fix the housing crisis.

Importantly, we’re changing, so we’re easier to deal with and are closer to the communities we serve, improving what matters to our customers.

We’re Hyde - we’re here for our customers, and we’re here for good.

Find out more about our purpose and how we operate in this short video.


We are regulated by the Regulator of Social Housing and have a strong and well-established governance structure that includes independent board members and a sector-leading resident engagement model. We also have established risk, performance management and financial planning frameworks which are overseen by specialist staff.

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