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The Hyde Charitable Trust (HCT) focuses on our residents and communities. Its grant-making activities support the aims and objectives of Hyde's Community Investment team, by supporting its Advice and Advocacy work and Communities programme.

Evolve Fund 

Our Evolve Fund is an open-access fund and is open to organisations that haven’t been funded by HCT before, or in the past five years.

The key priority for this fund is to test new approaches to working with Hyde residents, teams and networks.

Round 3 will open for applications between 6 May and 5 June 2024.

Round 4 will open for applications between 7 October and 6 November 2024. Geographical areas will be published in mid/September.

  1. Applicant guidance notes (DOCX, 207KB)
  2. Applicant guidance notes (PDF, 230KB)
  3. Application form (DOCX, 220KB)
  4. Application form (PDF, 278KB)
  5. Evolve Fund - evaluation report (DOCX, 100KB)
  6. Evolve Fund - evaluation report (PDF, 190KB)

Communities Fund

Our Communities Fund is currently open for invited organisations only and we don’t accept unsolicited funding requests.

The key priority for this fund is to support our community partners to continue delivering existing and/or develop new provision that meets an identified need in Hyde communities. We encourage applicants to also include ideas for organisational and/or financial sustainability which they would like to test throughout the grant.

Growth Fund

Our Growth Fund is currently open for invited organisations only and we don’t accept unsolicited funding requests.

Grant changes guidance

We understand there may be occasions when our community partners cannot deliver their programme as described in the grant application. For those instances, we’ve written a guidance that explains the process of requesting and approving such change.

Booster Fund (closed)

This fund, launched in December 2022 to support community partners through the cost-of-living crisis.

Internal grants

The following funds allow Hyde staff to apply for funding on behalf of residents:

  • Helping Hand Fund – supports Hyde residents who are experiencing a financial crisis and/or needing additional support (lacking certain goods or services) by addressing a short-term crisis.
  • Energy Fund – supports Hyde residents with low-level energy debts, who are struggling to pay their bills or top up their pre-payment meter
  • Resident Assistance Budget Fund – helps to address challenges faced by Hyde residents who would otherwise face enforcement action or complaints if left unresolved

Beyond funding

We focus on building long-term relationships with our funded partners and various stakeholders in the Hyde communities. Our team of experienced Project and Partnership Managers play an active role in various local and regional networks and acts as an important link between the HCT and Hyde communities.

We're committed to learning from our partners and constantly reviewing what we do and how we do it. Our decisions and funding priorities are shaped by the data we collect through monitoring forms. We're also committed to adopting more open and trusting practices – that’s why we joined the community of open and trusting grant-makers in November 2022.

We work closely with our funded partners and offer them additional support where possible. This support includes help with fundraising, organisational development, evaluation and communications. Where beneficial, we’ll also try to tap into the resources within the Hyde Group and link our partners with highly-skilled staff through our volunteering leave.