Hyde's Universal Credit Helper

Thank you for your interest in our Universal Credit Helper.

Developed with our customers and frontline staff, with support from Catalyst and The National Lottery, the tool is a step-by-step guide for Universal Credit (UC) claimants, that helps them through the UC application process. It’s also a handy reference guide for helping customers complete a claim. It’s easy to use, designed to be data light, and looks best on a mobile or tablet (but also works fine on a laptop).

It’s completely free to create your organisation’s own version - your organisation will get its own unique link that you can share with your staff and customers.

Customising the tool is simple and takes only a few minutes:

  • You can add your organisation’s logo
  • You can customise the colours to match your organisation’s branding
  • You can add details for where you would like your customers to turn to for help if they get stuck: for example, your customer services or advice team phone line, webchat or email address
  • You can direct claimants to a specific benefit calculator if your organisation has a preferred or branded one.

All of these steps are optional - you can customise some options and leave others if you prefer.

Sign up to create your own version of the Universal Credit Helper 

Finally, please give us your feedback. As the tool is provided free of charge, we have limited resources to make big changes to it. But we can easily change the content if you feel something is unclear or missing - just email us at [email protected] with any comments or suggestions. We’d love to hear from you.

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