Our 2050 strategy and ambitions

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Images speak louder than words, so please watch our short video, all about our exciting new strategy, ready for the challenge of the next 50 years.

Download our strategic plan 2050 (PDF 1.5MB) 

Our vision: A great home for everyone

Our mission: To provide more people with a roof over their head so they can make a home

We are committed to becoming a truly customer-driven organisation, providing great services to customers and ensuring our homes are safe, decent and energy-efficient; we know this helps improve people’s life chances and to realise their potential. 

Demand for social rented homes often means a lack of choice and little opportunity for people to move as their needs change over time. We will make it easier for customers to move between homes, ensuring they have the right home for every stage in their lives. 

We will also invest in improving the quality of our homes, having a sector-leading approach to ensuring they are safe and in moving towards true energy efficiency. 

We also want to provide as many new homes as possible, working with others to build significant numbers of homes in successful mixed communities. 

By taking this long-term view, we will ensure we can deliver our mission over the next 30 years and ensure we are here for good.

Our 2050 ambitions

  • To be truly customer-driven, ensuring fairness and choice
  • To provide good quality affordable rented homes and landlord services
  • To provide homes that are safe, decent and energy-efficient
  • To provide a mix of tenures, creating sustainable communities and placemaking
  • To support greater customer mobility, through a more flexible approach to our assets and new ways of working in tenancy and portfolio management
  • To deliver great housing management, asset management and added value services
  • To be a ‘catalyst’ for delivering affordable homes, building for ourselves and others
  • To provide services to those living in our homes, and in homes owned by others
  • To maintain our financial strength and stability

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