Packington Estate

In 2004 Islington Council took the decision to redevelop the Packington Estate, built in the 1960s, after discovering structural flaws. Following extensive consultation, a stock transfer to the Hyde Group took place in 2006.

In 2007, the Hyde Group started to redevelop the estate, working with Rydon and Pollard Thomas Edwards architects.

Located next to the Regent’s Canal on the eastern edge of Islington, Packington will see the development of 791 homes to replace the 538 originally on the site (491 will be available at sub-market rates). Three hundred homes for outright sale are being delivered to cross subsidise the sub-market rent build.The new homes include 135 three, four, five and six bed houses.

The project is seen as a shining example of estate regeneration with its tenure-blind apartments, a focus on family housing, its location of social-rented units by the canal, and careful integration into its heritage surroundings. 

The Packington Estate is a shining example of how we can all work together to get everything right, from resident involvement through to building design. In an ever changing city, like London, it’s crucial that we continue to work in partnership to provide much needed and high quality housing.

David Lunts, GLA Executive Director of Housing and Land

In 2015, the Hyde Group worked with the Prince's Foundation to produce a report using the Packington Estate as an example of successful estate regeneration. The report outlines Six Steps to successful estate regeneration (PDF, 341.33KB): flexible long-term funding, supporting councils to think longer term regarding council stock, good local engagement, keeping discussions open over years of regeneration, good design to allow more density and red tape reduction.


George, Packington Square Estate  
Portraiture Winner, British Life Photography Awards,
Photographed by: Claudia Janke