Vision, mission and values

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Our vision

A great home for everyone.

Our mission

To provide homes and communities that people are proud of.

Our core principles

We will:

We will achieve this by:

Provide good quality, affordable rented homes and landlord services

Listening to our customers and better understanding their needs

Deliver great housing management, asset management and targeted specialist services, like tenancy support and debt advice, to those who need them

Investing in our homes to improve their quality

Be truly customer-driven, ensuring fairness and choice

Working in partnership to do more, we will partner on funding, construction, services and skills

Create greater customer mobility

Build our understanding of our portfolio of homes to better understand where to invest and where homes are not fit for purpose

Ensure homes are safe, decent and energy-efficient

Striving to be best in class in being customer-driven, ensuring safe homes, creating greener

homes and working in partnership with others

Provide a mix of tenures to support successful mixed communities and placemaking

Using a mixed-funding model for new homes including: grant, capital investment, debt finance, third party investment and income from private sales


Become a catalyst for the development of new homes, the principle of ‘additionality’ will be central

Expanding into new areas where we can build, manage or own at scale


Maintain our financial strength and stability

Building and managing homes for ourselves and others


Take a long-term view of our homes, communities, and business – making sure we are here for good, and continue to deliver social value over the next 30 years.

Building a diverse, engaged and empowered workforce



Maintaining our focus on operating efficiencies and prudent investment.


Our values

Our values are integral to our success.

  • We’re customer driven - We understand the needs of our customers. We use this insight to create and deliver our services, empowering our customers to lead the best lives they can.

  • We’re inclusive - We celebrate and draw strength from our differences. We’ re open, honest and fair. We respect our customers, staff and other stakeholders and expect them to treat us in the same way.

  • We’re collaborative - We work with, learn from and share our ideas and expertise with others in Hyde and beyond, for the benefit of all.

  • We’re innovative - We’re ambitious for our organisation, our people and our sector. We encourage purposeful innovation and new ways of thinking.

We value diversity and we make sure our services are accessible to all.

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