Information for suppliers

How we buy goods and services - what suppliers need to know

In order to provide a more efficient and effective payment service to our suppliers, we have a formal Purchase Order Procurement System for all goods and services.

You'll need a purchase order before dispatching any goods or services

Please only accept a request for goods/services, placed by The Hyde Group with your company, from a formal Hyde purchase order. This should be issued to you before you dispatch any goods/services or before sending an invoice to us for payment.

How to send in your invoice

You'll find instructions for sending invoices on the formal purchase order. You must quote the Hyde purchase order number(s) on each invoice, with the value amount matching or as part of that relevant purchase order. Please note - if the amount is more than, or not covered by this purchase order, contact the requestor before issuing the invoice. (You'll find the name of the requestor on the purchase order.)

Queries on delivery/variation against the purchase order

If there is any dispute about the delivery of goods/services, Hyde will contact your company within 7 working days to request a credit note or to seek a resolution for the non-delivery/disputed items against the purchase order issued. The amount on your invoice should not vary from the purchase order - any changes must be confirmed with the requestor before invoicing. 

Queries on outstanding invoices

All queries for outstanding invoices must be made to the requestor as detailed on the Hyde purchase order issued. The requestor is responsible for receipting the goods/services and raising any queries on delivery. They will be able to give you a full status of your invoices up to the point when it is paid.

How to become a supplier

As a public sector organisation, Hyde has to fully comply with EU Procurement legislation. All large scale contracts, therefore, will be advertised in the OJEU and awarded via a compliant tender process.

If you have any further questions regarding becoming a supplier please contact [email protected]

Terms and conditions for suppliers

For more information read our formal terms and conditions for suppliers.