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Hyde Foundation is the Hyde Group’s community investment department. The Foundation works in alignment with Hyde’s business needs, enabling operational cost savings that can be ploughed into funding our core social purpose – to put a roof over even more people’s heads. It has a streamlined and targeted approach to working with people and places most in need:

Successful Tenancies

The Successful Tenancies team works collaboratively with colleagues across Hyde to secure sustained outcomes for residents at risk of tenancy failure. The team has specialists in money and debt, employment and tenancy sustainment, who work together to address residents’ issues, reducing costs and risk to the business.

Successful Places

The Successful Places team is committed to reducing estate-based challenges that affect the business, by building the resilience of individuals and communities. The team works in partnership at national, regional and local levels to pioneer innovative scalable solutions that prevent the negative impact of social problems on the most vulnerable, with a focus on creating positive pathways for young people and improving the digital skills, health and wellbeing of older people.

Hyde Foundation is also responsible for overseeing the work of Hyde Charitable Trust, which provides grants for individuals, community projects and larger bespoke projects. All grants support the core objectives of the Foundation in reducing costs to the business.

Business Development

The Foundation’s Business Development function identifies new opportunities and service needs, enhancing the core programmes to ensure that they respond to emerging business challenges and opportunities.

Mission statement

  • The Hyde Foundation works with vulnerable people to sustain their tenancies.
  • The team pre-empts wider community issues, addressing them before they become a problem.

The Hyde Foundation impact report - 2018/19 (PDF, 7.5MB)