Match My Project

Are you running a community project, but need help with training, materials or labour? Are you a Hyde supplier keen to support your local community?

Our new social value matching platform – Match My Project – is just for you.

Social value successes

Watch our January 2024 video to find out more about the difference that social value is making in our communities.


As a community organisation you could be working on a project ranging from renovating your local community centre, or giving a communal garden some green fingered attention, right through to employment and training projects. Our suppliers range from repairs and maintenance right through to legal services.

The Match My Project platform is a virtual meeting point where community organisations and groups can ask for help for their projects from our supply-chain partners.

To find out more, contact [email protected]

If you are a community organisation - things to think about:


  • think about if your project adds a social, environmental or economic benefit to our customers, communities or society
  • remember that there are other resources available for projects from our suppliers, including time, materials, advice, training and jobs. This isn't just about funding
  • upload a breakdown when asking for funding – with quotes where possible
  • remember to look at whether there are supplier offers that you can match to, which will help your project without having to make a request
  • have very clear titles and descriptions when creating projects and offers to upload onto the platform
  • highlight whether communities and residents are already engaged
  • highlight if projects are time sensitive. Please then upload with as much notice as possible to increase the likelihood of a match
  • be aware that larger requests are less likely to be matched. So, can they be broken down into smaller separate requests and uploaded in stages?
  • Remember that the platform can’t be used for something that is landlord’s or tenant’s responsibility


  • apply if you don’t have relevant permissions for this project or can provide evidence for it
  • apply if you think it’s purely a way to save on budgets
  • don’t have separate conversations with suppliers as the projects won't be accurately captured on reported. Please note that this platform is the only way to make social value requests.

Additional considerations:

  • Have you thought about other means of support for your project? For example, Resident Assistance Budget, our Rent Relief Fund or Communities Fund.
  • Empower other community groups by encouraging them register and make their own requests.
  • Please note that there is no guarantee of a match on the platform and we don’t have unlimited resources from suppliers.
  • Once a project is complete, please upload your feedback onto the platform.

Please note that support and resources are limited. All requests will be assessed, but unfortunately making a request doesn't guarantee a match.