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HCA Scheme Spend Reports

Hyde was successful in attracting more than £26 million in funding to support the creation of 951 affordable homes between 2015 and 2018.

Each month we will be publishing how much we spend to deliver these homes, in both in PDF and CSV formats. The downloads in this area show the payments we have made over £500 on items such as land, construction works and fees to make these homes a reality.

Taken together, the payments shown do not reflect the full costs of affordable housing development as interest costs and Hyde's own project management costs are not shown here. Please refer to our annual report and accounts for a fuller picture of housing development costs.

  • Where a payment is subject to a contractual requirement for commercial confidentiality, the name of the creditor has been replaced with the words Redacted: Commercial Confidence.
  • Where information is classed as personal data, which by law we cannot publish under the Data Protection Act, we have stated Redacted: Personal Data.

Report downloads