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Bank holiday closure - Monday 29 May

Our Customer Services team will be signing off for the bank holiday weekend at 8pm on Friday 26 May , and will be back on Tuesday 30 May at 8am. Our normal out of hours emergency service will be available during this time on 0800 3 282 282.

Remember that you can raise all non-emergency enquiries via our online contact us forms.


Environmental credentials and sustainability

Making a lasting difference to our environment

The environmental agenda is high on the list of priorities for the Hyde Group, read about our successes in our third annual sustainability report, Environment Matters

We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment and in providing comfortable, affordable homes that are economical to run.

For over 10 years we have been committed to improving the energy efficiency of our homes, either through building new sustainable properties or by refurbishing existing ones to increase their energy efficiency.

The knowledge we have gained has been invaluable in developing our expertise and will help in our next goal of rolling out environmental improvements across all our homes.

We therefore provide advice and guidance to help in the reduction of residents’ carbon footprint – a policy which extends to our new build and regeneration programmes, ensuring our developments preserve natural resources and do not damage the environment.

Our Environmental Strategy 2011 - 2016

Our Environment Strategy has been updated and refocused to match the vision and values of our residents and staff.  This strategy outlines our position over the next five years from 2011 to 2016.  Work will begin soon on our new five year strategy covering 2017 to 2021, the new strategy will be published in late 2016.

It is split into the four main areas over which Hyde has influence in environmental matters:

  • our existing homes
  • our new homes
  • our office and business operations
  • our residents.

Our existing homes

Energy efficiency is high on our residents’ priority list, so we have introduced the Hyde Energy Standard which aims to raise the energy efficiency of our homes by installing insulation and efficient heating systems.  The Standard aims to raise the SAP (SAP measures the energy efficiency of a property) rating of Hyde properties to 55 by 2020 and to 60 by 2025,   In the financial year 2014/2015 the number of Hyde properties which benefited from the installation of energy efficiency measures was 620.   

Solar Panels for Martlet House

Martlet HouseSolar PV panels have recently been installed on the roof of Martlet House in Chichester. The solar panels will provide free electricity for use within the offices, reducing our electricity bill.  An application has been made for the Feed-in-Tariff (FiTs) which will generate income, guaranteed for the next 20 years, from the electricity produced.  The amount of carbon dioxide released to the atmosphere will also be reduced, helping the environment too.  We will be monitoring the electricity saved and the income we get from the panels, to see just how effective they are.

New Build Homes

Hyde is building homes which meet the highest standards in environmental performance. We are learning all the time and working to produce homes which perform as well in reality as they are supposed to perform on paper. Much of this depends on how residents live in their homes and their understanding of the technologies installed. The energy advisory service is helping us in our efforts to encourage residents to be greener.

The award-winning regeneration at the Packington Estate in Islington, north London incorporates many environmental features including a central energy centre to provide heat and hot water across the whole development along with other energy efficiency features, a green corridor, including green and brown roofs and bird boxes.  The homes in the first and second phases of the development will achieve Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH) Level 3 and following phases will achieve Level 4.

Hyde office and staff operations

Our Park Street office was awarded the Building Research Establishment's Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) "Very Good" level for environmental sustainability.

We have targets in place to achieve significant savings and improvement in energy use, paper consumption, number of miles driven and the amount of landfill waste created across everything we do. All these targets are contained in Hyde Environment Matters and progress is reported quarterly to the senior team.

Assessment of success

Sustainability and environment

Hyde measures its performance against its peers in the housing sector and across other industry groups.  A portfolio of KPIs are presented to senior staff on a quarterly basis and an annual report will be presented to the Group Board each year.

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