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Our vision, mission and values

Our new vision - to provide a great home for everyone – will guide everything we do. Watch our video to find out more about our purpose, our values and how we operate as a business.

Our vision

A great home for everyone

Our aspiration, that guides everything we do, is to provide a great home for everyone. We know that Hyde cannot do this on its own. The housing crisis in London and the South East of England is a huge and longstanding problem, which will only be solved if we all play our part and all work together. That includes government, house builders, investors, landlords, charities and residents themselves.

Our mission

To provide more people with a roof over their head so they can make a home

Our mission explains in more detail how we are going to try to achieve our vision. It sets out what we’re going to do, for whom, and how we’ll go about it. We have six principles that underpin our mission and articulate exactly how we will achieve it.

We will:

  • Build and maintain more than our share of the financially accessible homes that London and the South East need.
  • Provide simple, easy to use landlord services for all our customers.
  • Proudly generate profit to reinvest in tackling the housing crisis. (No money; no mission.)
  • Work together with passionate individuals and organisations who share our vision.
  • Inspire each other across the organisation with our successes.
  • Defeat financial constraints with creative thinking and imagination
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Our values

We're doers

We back up our intention with action. We're proactive, take responsibility and make it easy for others to do so too

  • I take ownership of problems.
  • I am solution focused, seeing things through to their conclusion.
  • I am driven in achieving my targets.
  • I take responsibility for my actions.
  • I play my full part in my team and the wider Hyde team.

We're professional

We aspire to be a brilliantly run social business, so we always do the right thing, and think carefully about every penny we spend

  • I have high standards and always deliver a professional service.
  • I know what it means to do a good job in my role.
  • I seek to improve my knowledge and understanding of Hyde.
  • I pursue opportunities to make a service more efficient or generate income.
  • I balance the interests of both the customer and Hyde when making a decision.
  • I speak positively about Hyde.

We're open

To dealing with the real issue, to new ways of solving problems, to other points of view and best practice from others

  • I am open and honest.
  • I seek to build positive relationships across Hyde, working on a basis of trust.
  • I treat people with respect, and work in an inclusive way.
  • I look for ways to improve what we do and I respond positively to change.

We're ambitious


For what our organisation and individuals can achieve, and for others can do for themselves

  • I strive to do the best job I can and bring value to Hyde.
  • I want Hyde to be the best it can be.
  • I take pride in what I can do.
  • I celebrate success.

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