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Making a complaint

We welcome complaints. They help us to understand what our customers tell us we’ve got wrong and give us the opportunity to put things right. Importantly, complaints help us to improve our services for all customers.

We define a complaint as:

an expression of dissatisfaction, however made, about the standard of service, actions or lack of action by Hyde, our staff, or those acting on our behalf, affecting an individual resident or group of residents.’

Anyone who uses or receives a service or is affected by a service from any part of Hyde, can complain.

If you are making a first request for a service or for information, it may not be a complaint. If you think this is the case, you can choose to:

How to make an informal or formal complaint

When you first let us know you are unhappy about a service or experience, you will be given the option of asking us to resolve this informally. Often it is clear what has gone wrong and we are able to put things right more quickly with a minimum of fuss and without a formal investigation. With an informal complaint we aim to reply within 5 working days to tell you what we’ll do to help fix your issue. 

Some examples of an informal complaint cases which are quick to resolve and require no investigation, include:

  • Re-booking a missed appointment
  • Completing an outstanding repair (where there is no evidence that this has been a long running issue)
  • Undertaking an inspection – where no previous inspection has been undertaken
  • Looking at the management of a case
  • Staff complaint (where the allegation isn’t of a serious nature)
  • No communication to a general enquiry request or any request made by a customer.

To make an informal complaint, fill in our online complaint form and choose the informal complaint option. 
Online complaint form

If this is not possible, or if you prefer, you can log a formal complaint for investigation. It’s your choice. Responses to formal complaints are managed by our team of Complaints Officers. Each case is allocated to a Complaints Officer who will make sure they understand the reasons for your complaint and the actions required to investigate and to put things right.

We will acknowledge all complaints within two working days. We aim to reply to stage 1 complaints within ten working days, however, due to high contact volumes at the moment, there may be a slightly longer delay than we would like in responding to you, we are sorry about this, and will get to you as soon as possible

To make a formal complaint, fill in our online complaint form and choose the formal complaint option. Alternatively print off the complaint form and return the completed form by freepost.

Please let us know if you need help to make a complaint. We can organise interpreting services, Braille and signing facilities. We will make any reasonable adjustment you need to help you use this service.

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