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Repairs responsibilities

As your landlord we are responsible for some of the repairs and maintenance to your home; however some of these responsibilities are yours as the tenant. Select the relevant tab below for an overview of landlord and tenant repair responsibilities (always check your tenancy agreement for full details.) You can also view our short video guide to Landlord Services for general repairs

Residents will be recharged for damage or neglect identified in their home. Find out more about recharges.

Not a tenant? View our homeowner repair responsibilities page.

Living in a new-build home still under warranty? Visit our new build repairs page. 

  • Tenants' repair responsibilities

    As a tenant you are responsible for some of the repairs and maintenance of your home - always check your tenancy agreement for full details.

    Inside the home

    • Maintain internal decoration, including cleaning condensation and mould caused by poor ventilation
    • Clear blockages in waste pipes and toilets, even if this is accidental
    • Maintenance of any improvements made by you
    • Minor repairs to plaster
    • Look after and replace sink plugs, tap washers, toilet seats and lids, shower hoses, shower heads
    • Replace light bulbs, starter motors for strip lights, fuses, and sealed lightboxes
    • Fit and maintain doorbells, letterboxes and handles (unless you live in a flat)
    • Mend broken glass to your own front doors and windows if you have caused the damage
    • Repair and maintain kitchen cupboard doors, drawers, cupboard catches and hinges
    • Repair or replace keys and locks because of any damage by you, your family or visitors. This also includes repairs or replacements because keys have been lost or stolen
    • Bleed radiators
    • Install and add insulation jackets to hot water tanks and fire ignition unit
    • Repair and replace internal doors, including adapting internal doors to fit carpets
    • Looking after and replacing laminate floor and carpets

    Outside the home

    • Maintain dividing fences between you and your neighbour
    • Pruning and maintenance of all shrubs, trees and grass within your private garden
    • Maintenance of any improvements made by yourself
    • Keep pathways clear of leaves and debris
  • Landlord's repair responsibilities

    We are responsible for maintaining and repairing the structure and exterior of the building; and communal areas, including the following.

    Inside the home

    • Maintain gas and electrical heating, and hot water systems
    • Offer alternative heating in cases of complete breakdown
    • Install and test hard-wired smoke detectors and sprinklers
    • Repair water and roof leaks
    • Manage pest control in communal areas
    • Maintain electrical sockets, wiring and light fittings (we do not replace bulbs)
    • Structural repairs to walls, floors, ceiling, stairs and bannisters

    Outside the home

    • Maintain and clear gutters, drains and pipework to blocks
    • Maintain external doors, window frames and sills
    • Repair and maintenance of communal paving, pathways and outdoor steps leading to the main access point of the building
    • Install communal and boundary fencing to public or adjoining private land (not dividing fences between homes)
    • Remove dead, diseased or dangerous trees in communal back gardens



Find out how to report a repair, or go straight to our online report a repair form.