Career development and training

We are proud of our Learning and Development programme. Each year we invest a significant amount of money and resources into helping our staff do their jobs well and develop themselves and their career.

Completing my secondment in Property services was an amazing learning curve. I am back in Customer Services well equipped with a vast knowledge of the repair world.

Stella Kitutu, Customer Service Officer

Last year around 5% of our staff gained a promotion or developed through a secondment opportunity, and around 30% of our current staff have had the opportunity of a secondment at some point in their Hyde career.

While most of our staff's learning comes from experience and learning from others in the workplace, we also offer a wide range of courses  - over 100 topics this year. Our online tool ‘My Career Builder’ gives everyone access to hundreds of resources such as personality, motivation and work-style assessments and articles, expert videos, tutorials and top tips to help you meet your own career development goals.

And that’s only the start. Through our Academy we offer our most talented people tailored development opportunities to help them progress further.

We expect everyone to have at least three development days a year and many people have much more than that. 

Plus, if you’re looking to gain a professional qualification, we run a popular professional sponsorship scheme to help you out.

Want to know more about career journeys at Hyde? Let our staff tell you - read our staff case studies.