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At Hyde we take your wellbeing seriously - that’s why we have developed our Being Well programme. While we expect you to take responsibility for your own health and wellbeing we also provide benefits, activities and information to support your wellbeing at work and beyond.

Livewell is all about your personal health and wellbeing. Hyde employees benefit from a wide range of health-related benefits and can take part in activities which promote physical health and healthy life style choices.

Copewell is about how we can support you when times are tough at work or at home. We all experience pressure on a daily basis and need it to motivate us but when we experience too much pressure without the opportunity to recover we may start to experience stress. In addition to our Employee Assistance programme including a free, counselling service, we provide our managers with information and support to help combat stress in the workplace and we offer programmes and resources to help manage stress and build personal resilience.


Our regular workplace massages are a great benefit and are always very popular. Just 15 minutes away from your desk can make such a difference, and you return feeling refreshed and re-energised.

Tanya, Social Media Advisor

Spendwell is about your financial wellbeing. As well as our award-winning flexible benefits scheme which includes pensions and savings schemes, you will benefit from using iSave our portal for discounts and special offers on a host of everyday and special purchases.

Workwell is about how we create a great working environment which helps everyone to do their best. We regularly ask our staff their views about working at Hyde using both our staff survey and our employee forums. We also have an employee volunteering scheme where staff can have two days paid volunteering leave a year to volunteer for a charity of their choice, or to make a difference to Hyde’s residents and communities.

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