If a sink or bath is blocked, it isn’t an emergency. Please try unblocking it yourself using a plunger or drain cleaning products. If that doesn’t work then please report as a routine repair.

However, if you have multiple blockages in your home, which you can’t fix yourself, then it’s an emergency. Please call us on 0800 3 282 282. You can contact us on this number 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Your neighbours also have blockages

If your neighbours have also got blockages, it's probably a communal issue and you should get in touch with your local authority.

Extra help when it's needed

This toolkit is just a guide. If you or your household require extra support (for example due to disability, illness or age) and need to report this issue as an emergency, then please contact us to explain your circumstances and we’ll be happy to help.