Your service charge estimate explained

Your estimate explained

As part of the service charge annual cycle service charge estimates are sent out by the end of February each year and service charge actual spend statements for the previous year are sent out by the end of September. See our example service charge estimate (PDF, 210KB) or click on the image to enlarge.

  1. Personal information
    This includes your personal and property information. Please use your payment reference number for all correspondence with Hyde.
  2. Property groupings
    The category which your services fall under. This includes, area, estate, group, block, sub-block and property. Not all groupings are relevant to every property.

  3. Service and repairs
    Examples of services and repairs provided to the grouping. The services on your statement may be different to the example shown.

  4. Total costs
    This is the total cost for all services in each grouping.

  5. Your share
    This is your share of the total costs for the services in each grouping.

  6. Property costs
    These are the administration and accounting costs involved in providing services and repairs. For homeowners this will also include the cost for buildings insurance.

  7. Total yearly estimated costs
    This shows your share of the total amount estimated for the year.

  8. Your monthly charge
    This shows your monthly share of the total amount estimated for the year.

  9. Your calculation method
    This shows the method used to calculate your share (i.e. unit share of costs) for each property grouping and the apportionment values used.

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