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Alternative Payment Arrangement (APA) for rent and Third Party Payments (TPP)

What is an APA payment?

  • An APA is a different way of paying your rent directly to Hyde from your Universal Credit payment.
  • Paying for your rent this way will be deducted from your monthly Universal Credit payment.

When will Hyde request an APA from your Universal Credit

  • Our income team will request an APA if you are unable to pay your rent using your Universal Credit, or if you are in high rent arrears. If you find yourself in rent arrears, see our help with rent arrears and benefits pages.

How is an APA paid to Hyde?

  • Hyde will receive your rent payment about 2-6 weeks after your Universal Credit payments. The payments to Hyde aren’t paid in a regular pattern and can be difficult to track, so you will need to keep your Universal Credit statements to compare with your rent statements.

How much of the housing cost is paid by Hyde?

  • The housing cost element of your Universal Credit payment will be paid to Hyde.
  • This may not cover all the rent payable by you because you may be affected by bedroom tax; benefit cap or a non-dependent in the household, or if you have any other income deducted from your Universal Credit payment.

What is a TPP (third party payment)?

  • A TPP is an amount deducted from your Universal Credit payment that can be paid directly to Hyde towards rent arrears.
  • Under Universal Credit, TPP for rent arrears will be paid at either 10% or 20% of your standard personal allowance.

When will Hyde request a TPP?

  • Our income team will only request a TTP if you are in rent arrears and are unable to start paying them off your tenancy.  It will be secure whilst your full rent and the rent arrears continue to be paid.

What do I need to look out for if on an APA and TPP?

  • APA’s and TPP sometimes just stop and you will need to check your Universal Credit payment statement every month to see that the APA or TPP has been deducted.
  • If no payment has been taken from your UC then call Hyde’s income team and make the payment straight away to avoid further rent arrears, and we will ask for the APA and/or TPP to be taken again.
  • APA's are paid later than your Universal Credit payment and are not paid on the same date every month, so keep your Universal Credit payment statements to check against your rent statements.
  • Universal Credit may not cover all your rent and you will need to make a top up each month.