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The content on this page applies to tenants and leaseholders. You can find more content for leaseholders on our Homeowners page.

The service charge estimates for 2019/20 will be sent to residents by the end of February 2019.

The Service Charges estimates are consistent with the information supplied last year and to improve upon the accuracy, budgets have been supplied by the providers of services to Hyde’s residents. These budgets have been used to calculate your estimate.

Please visit our regularly updated questions and answers page for more information on service charges.

Remember, payment of your rent and service charge is a priority - please read more on our Paying on time page.  

The service charge annual cycle 

Service charge estimates are sent out between January to March each year, statements for the previous year are sent out by the end of September and estimated charges for the following year are prepared between October and December.





Help and advice

  • Our property groupings help to ensure we have a consistent approach to asset and financial management across all our properties.
  • Your estimate statement provides greater visibility on the charges and costs you have to pay .
  • Property Managers are the eyes and ears on our estates making sure cleaning, ground maintenance and rubbish removal services are delivered. Property Managers keep accurate records and report back to the Service Charge Team.
  • For more information on the terms we use and the glossary of services covered please visit our guidance page 

Most of the answers to service charges queries can be found on our questions and answers page.

If you have a specific issue relating to your estimate service charge statement for 2019/20, please fill in our online service charge enquiry form or email 

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