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Your service charge statements

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See also changes to category headings.

Your statement explained

  1. Personal information
    This includes your personal and property information. Please use your payment reference number for all correspondence with Hyde.
  2. Property groupings
    The property groupings which your services fall under. This includes, area, estate, group, block, sub-block and property. Not all groupings are relevant to every property.

  3. Service and repairs
    Examples of services and repairs provided to the grouping. The services on your statement may be different to the example shown.

  4. Total costs
    This is the total cost for all services in each grouping.

  5. Your share
    This is your share of the total costs for the services in each grouping.

  6. Property costs
    These are the administration and accounting costs involved in providing services and repairs. For homeowners this will also include the cost for buildings insurance.

  7. Total yearly estimated costs
    This shows your share of the total amount estimated for the year.

  8. Your monthly charge
    This shows your monthly share of the total amount estimated for the year.

  9. Your calculation method
    This shows the method used to calculate your share (i.e. unit share of costs) for each property grouping and the apportionment values used.

Service heading changes

Thank you for letting us know that some of our service headings needed to be clearer. Following your feedback we have made a few changes and added some new service headings to your statement.


We divided our cleaning costs to help you understand the services you pay towards. The services you may now see on your estimates are:

  • Cleaning: Contracted Cleaning Services

This is the cost of providing the contracted cleaning service for cleaning to you block. The schedule of routine tasks undertaken are detailed in the

specification for your block or estate.

  • Cleaning: Responsive Cleaning

Where cleaning services are required on an ad hoc basis within communal areas outside of the contracted service provision.

  • Cleaning: Window Cleaning Contract

For the cleaning of communal windows on a routine basis, in line with the agreed contract specification.

  • Cleaning: Bins and Rubbish

This covers the removal of bulk items of waste from bin stores or communal areas of your block or estate.

Grounds Maintenance

This service now consists of two different headings:

  • Grounds Maintenance: Contracted Works

The cost of a grounds maintenance contract including the upkeep of private roads, footpaths, parking areas, and the cost of gardening equipment.

  • Grounds Maintenance: Responsive Works

The cost of works undertaken on an unplanned basis outside of the normal contracted grounds maintenance schedule.

Fire Safety including servicing and inspections

We have created three new services to increase the transparency of the fire safety charges. The new services are:

  • Fire Safety: Contract Services

The statutory servicing and inspection of communal fire alarm systems, emergency lighting, smoke detectors and fire equipment undertaken by our contractors.

  • Fire Safety: Responsive Repairs

Where responsive repairs are required to be undertaken to the fire equipment outside of the statutory servicing and inspection regime

  • Fire Risk Assessments

This service relates to the costs for providing a statutory inspection to identify any fire risks. The assessment requires an inspection of the building to identify any fire hazards and remove or reduce the risk of those hazards.

We have also amended the heading for Legionella to more accurately reflect the type of service being provided, so it now has the heading Water Hygiene.