Communal heating sytems

Some of our properties receive their heating and hot water (and sometimes other utilities) from a communal system. This is where a single boiler provides heating and hot water to all the properties in a block or on an estate.

Some older blocks have communal systems and they are becoming more popular in new build blocks due to their overall lower energy use and carbon emissions. All communal systems are different and if you receive your services in this way there are some things you should understand.

Can I change my supplier?

Under most communal systems you cannot change the provider of the utilities and services you receive communally.

How will I receive my bills?

In newer systems (less than around ten years old) you will receive a bill that reflects the energy you use in your flat. However in older systems (built more than around 10 years ago) your bill will be split equally between residents in your block and charged to you in your service charge.

How can I monitor my usage?

In newer systems you will have your own meter so you can monitor your usage as you would if you had your own boiler. In older systems you do not have your own meter so you are unable to monitor your own usage.

You should have received information on your heating and hot water before you moved in from your empty homes and lettings adviser. If you are unsure check your tenancy agreement and your supplier agreement which you should have received when you moved in. If you still need help please contact us.