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Homes for Brighton & Hove

Homes for Brighton & Hove is a partnership between Brighton & Hove City Council and the Hyde Group.

Our aim is to create 1000 new homes for rent and shared-ownership specifically for lower income, local working households in Brighton & Hove.

We want to create new developments entirely focused on affordable housing, with 50% of the new homes available for rental and the remaining 50% as shared ownership.

Brighton & Hove is a growing city with high housing prices, low incomes, an ageing population and a significant proportion of households with support needs.

The increased demand for homes and the lack of available social housing has got to a point where essential workers on lower incomes are struggling to afford to live in the city.

What makes this proposal different?

  • 100% of the housing is affordable
  • 50% of the homes with rents set to be affordable for lower-income households earning the National Living Wage
  • All the homes will be for people living and/or working in the city

For more information, please visit our consultation pages: