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Homes for Brighton & Hove

Who are we?

Homes for Brighton & Hove is a partnership between Brighton & Hove City Council and the Hyde Group.

By working together through the partnership, Hyde and the council can combine resources and provide new affordable homes for local people that the city urgently needs.

Our proposal

We want to create new developments consisting entirely of affordable housing over the next few years; with 50% of the new homes available for rent and 50% for shared ownership.

Our aim is to build 1,000 new homes, which will be specifically for lower income, local working households in Brighton & Hove.

What are we doing at the moment?

Planning permission was granted on the first scheme to be delivered, at Coldean Lane and Portslade, in spring 2020.

Further sites are currently being identified so that we can deliver the remainder of the homes planned.

When will the first homes be completed?

The first homes are expected to be completed from 2021 onwards.

What are the benefits of our proposal?

  • 100% of the housing is affordable

  • Homes for rent will have rents set at 37.5% of household income for households earning the National Living Wage

  • All the homes will be for people living and/or working in the city

  • Energy efficient homes will reduce energy demand and fuel costs for families

  • Five year fixed term tenancies will be offered to people with rent increases capped at the cost of living – keeping them affordable for lower income workers

Why is this housing needed?

Brighton & Hove is a growing city with high housing prices, low incomes, an ageing population and a significant proportion of households with support needs. There are nearly 10,000 households on the joint housing register, 1,400 households in temporary accommodation and rising homelessness. Social housing makes up only a small proportion of the overall housing in the city with 9.8% of homes owned by the local authority and 5.1% by housing associations.

The increasing demand for housing, reduced public funding for new affordable homes and a shift away from the development of rented and family homes remain key challenges identified by the council’s Housing Strategy and Budget. It is now harder than ever for local people who work in the city to afford to live in it as well.

What are the wider benefits of the partnership?

There are a number of potential wider benefits of the partnership for the city which include:

  • 700 opportunities for education, training and apprenticeships

  • An average of over 400 construction jobs supported each year for five years

  • An estimated 2600 non-construction jobs created

  • Estimated gross value added to the economy of £350M over five years

  • Investment into new civic and community infrastructure benefitting the wider city

How will you ensure homes go to local working households?

The properties are to be prioritised for local working households who need low cost housing. There is no intention to offer the homes to people who do not live or work in the city.

The shared ownership homes are not government funded which enables us to limit availability of homes to households who live and work in Brighton & Hove.

How are rents calculated?

The rent on Living Wage Housing will be calculated at 37.5% of the total (gross) pay to a household earning the National Living Wage. Living wage rent levels compared to private rent in the city is shown below (indicative figures and will increase in line with inflation):

Example figures (subject to change)


Living wage rent

Private rent *


£118.13 per week

£165.69 per week

1 bed flat

£147.66 per week

£231.00 per week

2 bed flat

£177.19 per week

£316.38 per week

3 bed house

£206.72 per week

£375.69 per week

*Figures from Brighton & Hove Housing Market Report 2018 Q3

Rents will not rise at a higher rate than the cost of living and should keep up with wage increases.

What is shared ownership?

Shared Ownership is a scheme which has been specifically designed to help those who are unable to afford to buy a property outright on the open market.

It works by allowing you to buy a share of your new home, and pay a rent on the remaining share to Homes for Brighton & Hove (part buy, part rent). Applicants will be able to purchase a share of between 25% and 75% of the value of the home.

Buying more shares is called 'staircasing' and allows you to do this to a point where you own your home outright. The price paid for additional shares is based on the market value of the home. Staircasing can be done in separate stages, or in one stage to 100%. The minimum share that can be purchased is 10% of the unsold portion. The sale prices will be made available nearer the time of sale and will be based on market value at that time.

How do I get a new home?

For shared ownership, the flats for sale will be advertised on Hyde New Homes and other property sales websites one month prior to launch where applicants can register an interest and fill in an application form.

For a rented home, applicants should register through the council’s housing register and meet the eligibility criteria.