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Embankment House and Temple House - building safety

We’ll be posting the latest building safety news for customers living in Embankment House and Temple House, Brighton here, so please bookmark this page to stay up-to-date on the work we’re doing to keep everyone safe.

We’ve also put together the answers to our customers' most frequently asked questions about Embankment House and Temple House.

Latest update - 23 May 2022

We’re continuing to have discussions with the Bouygues (as well as our experts and Building Control) regarding the issues at Embankment House and Temple House and the best way forward.

We anticipate that these discussions will end shortly and we’ll able to share more details with you soon. These are complex issues that need careful consideration and we’re doing everything we can to make sure that the best possible solution is achieved for all interested parties. We’re currently exploring all options regarding costs. Customers will be the last resort and would only be considered once all other options have been fully explored and exhausted. 

This is a complex and time-consuming project with a lot of moving parts (eg technical and legal experts, building control, the original contractor, the DLUHC). We’ll make sure all aspects involved in remedial projects are prepared and implemented correctly. We appreciate how frustrating this may be but can ensure you that we’re working through the processes as quickly as we can. 

Sections 20 notices

We’re doing everything we can to recover the waking watch costs from third parties, including responsible contractors, government funding or any other available source. We’re working to do everything we can to avoid passing on any costs to customers. We appreciate that the Section 20 notice you received can be worrying, we want you to know that this isn’t a bill or a demand for payment and you don’t have to do anything at the moment. We’re serving this notice to adhere to the legislation related to service charges.

Building Safety Fund application

The DLUHC has requested further information on our application, and we are in the process of gathering this as quickly as possible. We hope that the funding application will move forward positively once we have given that information to the DLUHC. We’re not sure when the final decision will be made by the DLUHC. 

The Building Safety Fund Leaseholder and Resident Service

Government is publishing updates on how Building Safety Fund applications are progressing in the third week of each month on the Building Safety Fund Leaseholder and Resident Service website pages.

Customers must use a code unique to their building to access the service. We’ve shared this code with customers and can share it again via email, on request.

Fire Strategy/Works on site: 

Brief overview of recent works on site:

  • There have been two fire alarm activations since 1 March – (one at Temple on 11 March due to an activation from the lift lobby detector on the 1st floor and another one at Embankment on 21 March due to an activation from the rear stairwell detector).
  • There are currently four open jobs (three fob requests and one emergency lighting repair).

Communications going forward

If you have a question or a specific concern, please contact us via our EWS email.

Answers to these questions will be included in the regular Building Safety Page updates or on the FAQ page. These updates shall also be sent to the Resident Association email address. It was mentioned on the call that the concierge at the property could put these updates on the notice boards.

Resident meetings will return to a monthly schedule, with the addition of a Slido link being set up shortly. You’ll be able to ask questions during the month prior to the meeting so we can address your concerns. This will also be used to update the Q&A section on our website.

Slido has a poll/survey function we can use to tell customer’s level of satisfaction. We can run a new one each month to better understand and engage with you, aiming to improve our service.

Customer meeting: 16 June 2022 

Provisional date: Thursday 16 June 2022.

This will be confirmed next week, along with the time and the possibility of an onsite meeting at the Phoenix Centre. 

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please email

Download a copy of your building’s fire risk assessment

You can download a copy of the latest fire risk assessment (FRA) for your building by clicking on the building name in list below:

Your building’s fire risk assessment may include some actions, which we will complete by the due date stated.

EWS1 forms

If you want to find out more about External Wall Systems (EWS1) forms, please visit our EWS pages, where you can find an overview of the issues surrounding external wall surveys and the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Get in touch

If you have a question that isn’t answered on the EWS pages, or you have a specific concern, please email us at We’ll aim to respond to you within two working days.