More of the right homes, in the right places

Our aim is to have a development strategy, plus investment and disposal programmes, that enable us to deliver more of the right homes, in the right places.

  • Our approach will help everyone who needs an affordable home
  • We will have a target property portfolio and agreed property standards
  • The number of homes in management will grow to about 60,000, through development, management contracts and partnering with others
  • We will continue to operate in our core areas, and expand into new ones, where we can deliver affordable homes at sufficient scale to meet local needs
  • We will grow our portfolio of social and intermediate rented homes, shared ownership and leasehold properties
  • We will use a mixed-funding model for developing homes, incorporating grant, debt funding, partnerships/joint ventures and third party investors
  • We will be a ‘catalyst’ for delivering new homes, building for ourselves and for others, delivering about 2,000 new homes a year, and be recognised as having a sector-leading approach to partnership working.

Our 2025 objectives