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We are aware of fraudulent activity that has recently publicised an investment opportunity with another large housing association.

We want to make it clear to our customers, stakeholders and investors that Hyde does not engage directly with individuals regarding loans and bonds. We do not participate in retail bonds, and instead secure our funding directly with banks, pension companies and other large finance institutions, usually in denominations of £100m or greater.

If any potential investors or individuals are approached to make an investment in Hyde, please treat this with caution and contact us immediately.

About the Hyde Group

The Hyde Group is one of the UK’s leading housing and care providers. We own and manage over 50,000 units of accommodation in London and the south east of England, providing over 100,000 residents with a home at a price at which they can afford, with long tenancies that give them the chance to improve their life chances.

With housing – or the lack of it – now taking its rightful place at the top of the political agenda, we are committed to building as many homes as we possibly can to do more than our share in helping to alleviate the housing shortage that our region faces.

To help us achieve this, in addition to government funding we raise long-term finance from banks and institutional investors and are committed to ensuring that we remain financially robust, at all times.

This is evidenced by our strong credit ratings from Standard and Poor’s who have rated Hyde as A with a stable outlook, and Fitch who have rated us with an A+ rating with a negative outlook.

Value for money is at the heart of everything we do, you can find out more in our financial reports.

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