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Being truly customer-driven

Our customer-driven approach will be guided by the principles of: Listen to me, Empower me and Improve my service.

We aim to deliver a consistently great service and customer experience, with high levels of customer satisfaction. We want positive relationships with our customers, built on mutual respect and trust.

  • Customers will be able to access services to suit their needs and preferences
  • We will use customer and staff feedback to shape decision-making
  • We will make it easier for customers to move between homes, ensuring they have the right home for every stage in their lives.
  • Our ‘customer charter’ will set out what we deliver and how customers can play their part
  • We will be recognised for our positive impact on placemaking and successful tenancies
  • We will be recognised as having a sector-leading customer-driven approach.

Our Customer Strategy (PDF, 8MB) sets out how we will become a truly customer-driven organisation over the next four years. We have gained a deeper understanding of our customers’ needs, and what they want from Hyde. They want us to:

  • Listen to them
  • Empower them
  • Improve their services 

Our Customer Strategy has been developed to support our Strategic Plan 2050 (PDF, 2.6MB) and puts the customer voice at the heart of how we deliver our services now, and in the future.

Our 2025 objectives

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