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Annual review 2017-18

Welcome to our annual review 2017-18

In this section you can read about our highlights from the past financial year and find links to reports on our financial performance (PDF, 3.82MB) our social purpose activities and how our social tenancies add value to society (PDF, 2.46MB). 

Hyde’s social purpose is to provide a home for those left behind by the market and we want to do that for as many people as possible. We engage with residents to provide easy to use landlord services and want to do this as efficiently and effectively as we can, with the money saved used to build more homes. 

Last year we made significant progress in our ambitions: we improved our digital channels to enable customers to transact with us quickly and easily; introduced new ways of working to make us more efficient and effective – saving about £1.2m a year from 2018-19 – and completed 1,285 new homes for those who might not otherwise have one. 

We believe that a positive relationship with their landlord provides people with a strong basis to improve their life chances. A social tenancy helps residents thrive in a number of ways, not just in providing a decent, affordable home. 

Results of research we commissioned into the value of a social tenancy confirmed this: not only does building safe and sustainable communities help get people back into work, improve their mental and physical health and lead to better family relationships, but society as a whole benefits. The burden on emergency services, healthcare and local authorities is reduced and the economy grows through higher educational attainment and employment. 

Achieving our aims will not be easy and we cannot do it alone. But by continuing to work in partnership with others we will move closer to achieving our vision: a great home for everyone. 

Mark Sebba

In July, just days after the financial results were signed off by our Group Board, we were saddened to hear of the death of our Chair, Mark Sebba. Mark joined Hyde as Chair in 2014 and was a passionate advocate for Hyde and social housing in general. His thoughtful insight and customer-focused approach played a key role in driving our success over the past three and a half years and has put us on the path to becoming one of the country’s leading housing associations. He will be greatly missed. 


Elaine Bailey, Group Chief Executive and Alan Collett, Chair of the Hyde Group