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The Hyde Junior Board is a career development initiative open to our younger employees at Hyde (aged under 35). Throughout the year, the Junior Board address three business challenges set by our ELT (Executive Leadership Team). The Junior Board also join ELT for round table discussions on Hyde’s future. As well as providing our Executive Leaders with diverse perspectives from a younger generation, members of the Junior Board also have a great opportunity to develop their leadership, problem solving and influencing skills.

Our current Junior Board is made up of 13 employees aged 35 and below, from different departments across Hyde. The Hyde Home Marathon was one of the ideas our current Junior Board came up with in response to the challenge of ‘How do we improve staff morale and wellbeing during the pandemic?'. The Junior Board then led and ran the weeklong exercise challenge that encouraged staff to rack up miles and help raise money for four foodbanks. 175 members of staff took part and over £5000 was raised.

"The Junior Board has taught me so much about problem solving and teamwork. I'm proud of the work we have done so far, the Hyde Home Marathon was a great success and the fact that we raised over £5000 for charity feels great."

Emmy Stock, Digital Communications Officer